Branches of IT Park in Uzbekistan

To date, the future locations of IT Park branches in Nukus, Bukhara, Namangan, Samarkand, Gulistan and Urgench have been determined. In the branches of IT Park will be implemented: a co-working zone, a conference hall, an event zone, a laboratory, a media studio, and lecture rooms, audiences for cyber sports and robotics, IT Center and much more.

Tashkent (Republican office)

Ул. Тепамасжид 4

+998 71 209 11 99


Andijan city, Boburshokh st. 2

+998 99 0581199

Фатидинов Абдуллаххон Ғуломидин ўғли

Bukhara temporary

Bukhara city,

+99897 300 00 51



65 Hiyobon Str. Margilon

+99899 367 64 14



Jizzax sh. Sh. Rashidov 64

+99894 344 77 33



Navoi, Sadriddin Ayni Street, 27

+99894 223 03 38

Abdurahmonov Rustam


Samarkand str. A. Temur 44

+99899 043 99 61



Guliston st. Samarkand

+99897 555 54 60


IT-complex in Tashkent

By 2022, the IT Park project in Tashkent covers an area of almost 7 hectares which 385 thousand m2 will make up the total area of development, including 19 high-class buildings, conference halls with IT Academy, university, sports complex, cohabitation centers, IT-residences, hotel and office premises. In addition, a car park for 4,800 cars will also be implemented.


This project enables to create more than 16 thousand new job opportunities, which will allow talented young people to find high-paying and decent jobs.

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