4 products for optimizing business processes from an IT Park resident

IT Park resident “Genesis Innovation” developed software products which can create a clear base of regular customers, organize as well as automate document flow in the company, store data from the HR department, keep records of goods in the warehouse, and also perform other functions:

1. «Ele
сtron Call Center»

This software product performs a broad-spectrum of tasks that are essential for communicating with customers. Furthermore, the software product can simultaneously serve an unlimited number of subscribers, depending on the number of operators, form a queue and gradual distribution of incoming calls among the released operators. Without a live conversation, an incoming call can be processed using the voice menu. Also, the system is capable of sending a voice message as an incoming call.

The system allows you to store all current and past calls in the database, letters with clients on the website and in social networks, generates statistics and analytics of the work of the staff.

2. «Eleсtron Document Manager»

The software product enables you to organize and automate document flow in the company. The system empowers to store all documents on the server and print them from anywhere in the world. The program also has an online chat for the safe exchange of documents.

Electron Document Manager enables you to create:

- a list of new letters;

- reports on completed resolutions;

- information on approval;

- information about responsible persons at all stages of execution.

3. «Electron Staff Manager»

The software product helps you solve problems on the automation of personnel accounting and also store data about employees, prepare personnel documents. Besides, the software maintains an archive and online statistics, provides the ability to keep records of training and safety measures. Access to data and timesheets of employees is available from anywhere in the world.

The system was developed based on the requirements of regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

4. «Electron Warehouse Manager»

The software product enables you to automate the activities of various types of warehouses irrespective of their location. The system allows you to control inventory balances, movement of goods, workloads of personnel and warehouse space using a QR code. Moreover, the software is capable of issuing orders for the supply and sale of goods, optimizing warehouse logistics and operating a single system remotely.

By increasing the efficiency of managing tasks and warehouse operations, the number of errors manifested by the human factor will be minimized.

Genesis Innovation is an IT company that provides services in business intelligence, software development and the development of complex IT services.

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