For the first time in Uzbekistan, an IT solution based on web scalable technologies “Nutanix” is introduced

The specialists of the IT Park “Nihol” resident company together with their long-term foreign partner company “” took part in the project on creation of complex IT-infrastructure in the first national digital bank “Anor Bank” with a reproductive, reliable and secure IT infrastructure at its heart.

“Nutanix-Lenovo” solution was chosen as the core of the digital transformation of basic banking services since it has been the best solution for creating a hyper-converged infrastructure so far.

How was it developed?

It took “Nihol” specialists several months to complete the laborious tasks over the past year. All the deadlines of the project were met and the work’s highest quality was ensured. It should be noted that the project to create an integrated IT infrastructure from scratch was implemented on the basis of the Nutanix-Lenovo solution in Uzbekistan for the first time.

The company's specialists worked remotely directly with vendors. Work and communication with vendors were carried out in the format of videoconferences and consultations at the level of Uzbekistan, Germany, Georgia, USA, Israel and Russia. During this time, Demo platforms were created, testing was carried out when launching and configuring the solution. Besides, all stages of a unique implementation were conducted together with the manufacturer. Ultimately, the specialists acquired rare certified experience.

The opinions of the specialists who worked on the project

The customer at this stage, on the eve of the official opening, keeps secret all the components of the “filling” of the IT infrastructure for some objective reasons. However, we can say confidently that today this is that is the most complex IT project that has ever been implemented in the domestic banking sector.

“Main banking platforms must provide reliable operation and high availability. Apart from these fundamental requirements, the solution includes reliability, openness, flexibility and the possibility of individual customization”, - says I. Panteleev, the Deputy Director of “RIM-NIHOL” who is a member of the “NIHOL” Group.

“In choosing “Anor Bank” the given design tasks are solved through the use of modular structure and deployment. For instance, the applications for the provision of key digital banking services combine factors of excessively high responsibility of the tasks being solved, sensitivity to delays and the need to comply with regulatory requirements. Moving these workloads to a hyper-converged infrastructure provides a financial services institution with significant business benefits”, - mentioned the specialists.

From a technical point of view, a unique created innovative IT-infrastructure in the future will allow the customer to provide domestic consumers with services at the highest level of world banking brands that define the competitiveness in the market.