IT Park Residents of "Go Pharm" residents have developed a mobile application for medicine search and delivery!

IT Park Residents of "Go Pharm", whose priority task is to provide the population of Uzbekistan with the most demanded medicines, have created a mobile application for your convenience.

"Go Pharm" mobile application is an application for smartphones on iOS or Android platform, where you can find the most current medicines at the best prices.

Thanks to the electronic journal, application moderators can monitor orders and find out the most requested medicines, thereby ensuring their constant availability. "Go Pharm" regularly replenishes its stocks to avoid shortages and to accomplish free access to all the necessary drugs.

It is also worth noting that the company regularly reduces prices for the most popular products. If the demand for certain drugs increases, "Go Pharm" makes every effort to make the drug even more affordable. In other words, the greater the demand for a drug, the lower the price.

The "smart search" of the mobile application makes it possible to get acquainted with the assortment and prices without getting up from the chair. And most importantly, you can purchase an entire list from your doctor's prescription without running from pharmacy to pharmacy. Because "Go Pharm" itself will bring you the necessary package of drugs right to your door. It is not for nothing that the company's motto says "Always there"! The company's service is always nearby, always at hand, or rather, in your smartphone or tablet. You can always take care of your loved ones at a distance, purchasing the most necessary things in "Go Pharm", because they can deliver everything for you.

Important note: "Go Pharm" complies with all drug transportation requirements. Couriers have remedies against viral respiratory infections!

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