Startup Story: cash register automation project ‘Cashier’

As we continue to publish the success stories of prospective projects as part of the special edition Startup Story, this time we would like to introduce our next guest Bunyodbek Yuldashev and Cashier, the project he recently founded.

Bunyodbek Yuldashev is 42 years old. He works for UzAutoMotors. Bunyodbek came up with the idea to launch a startup Cashier based on his experience in selling consumer goods

‘We have 10 years of experience in sales and regional distribution of goods. At some point, I realized that in order to achieve greater efficiency in work, it is necessary to simplify certain processes. That’s how project was born.’

Cashier is an app for automating the cash register. The program works in both offline and online mode.

Now there are three people in the project team: Ziyodilla is responsible for the product, Ziyodkhon runs sales, and Bunyodbek is responsible for marketing.

How does the project help society?

According to Bunyodbek, the startup is of great benefit to all employees of small and medium-sized businesses.

‘The main goal of our project is to provide an online cash desk automation service for small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to the application, you can fully control all the processes in the store: accounting, receipt and consumption of goods, sales analytics, etc.’

The team has created a convenient program that is loaded on a PC, laptop or monoblock, standing at the checkout of the store.

‘Our software is easy to use. There is a user-friendly interface, clear architecture; It does not require special skills from users.’

What was the most challenging part of the project?

As Bunyodbek says, despite the great experience in sales and distribution, difficulties, albeit small, still came up.

‘Sometimes it seems that coming up with a project is ‘a piece of cake’. But when you get down to business, it becomes obvious that not all points are taken into account on paper. For me, the most difficult thing was the formation of the project in terms of writing technical specifications and the first modules of the system, as well as further testing adapted to clients’ needs.’

In addition, according to Bunyodbek, another difficulty for any startup is to reach the break-even point — the volume of production and sales of products, at which costs will be offset by income, and in the production and sale of each subsequent unit of production, the enterprise will begin to make a profit.

How do you plan to develop the project?

Bunyodbek says that the development plan at the first stage includes covering the regions of the country.

‘Our team aims to go beyond the capital city and implement the project in all regions of Uzbekistan. Now we are looking for an investor and hope that we will be able to implement the plan soon.’

The team does not intend to stop there. The promotion of the franchise in the CIS countries is going to be the next step.

For those who are new in startup business, Bunyodbek wants them to have the ability to find suitable niches in the industry.

‘Now there are a lot of areas where brilliant and working ideas are in demand. Therefore, everyone can find himself or herself in the startup industry. Do not be afraid to take the first step, have a visual picture of the business as an achievable, realistic goal. Don’t give up in case of a failure. We must remember that entrepreneurship is more than just making profit. It is a lifestyle’.